Why Kids Love (and Hate) School
Volume 2: Reflections on Practice

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Publisher: Myers Education Press
200 pp., 6" x 9"
Series: Academy for Educational Studies Book Series 2
Some students hate school, and some students love it. Some students enter classrooms with an “I dare you try to teach me” look on their faces, and others bounce into class excited to learn and anxious to please the teacher. We know we can’t automatically blame teachers or schools when students don’t want to learn. But we also know that sometimes teachers and schools don’t always set students up for success, and they don’t always help them love what they’re learning. And that’s not supposed to happen.

Why Kids Love (and Hate) School: Reflections on Practice investigates some of the school and classroom practices that help students love school—and some that send students in the opposite direction. Intended for classroom teachers, teacher education students, and school administrators, chapters in the book investigate a variety of topics: how schools can build effective school cultures, the “struggle” students encounter in learning, practices of other countries that help students love school, testing practices that cause students to hate school—and much more.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Why Kids Love (and Hate) School: Reflections on Practice, Steven P. Jones & Eric C. Sheffield

Chapter 1. How You Teach is What You Teach, Elizabeth Hobbs

Chapter 2. Invitational Learning: Building School Culture with Love, Barbara J. Mallory & James Davis

Chapter 3. Beyond Curriculum: Students Don't Love School When Schools Don't Love Them Back, Barbara J. Rose

Chapter 4. "What Do You Think We Could Change to Make This Lesson Better?" Using Feedback Surveys to Engage Students and Improve Instruction, Irene S. LaRoche & Robert W. Maloy

Chapter 5. From the Desk of Your Student: Ruminations on School, Megan J. Sulsberger

Chapter 6. Must We Always Stay on the Struggle Bus? Christopher Beckham

Chapter 7. Incelandic Education at Hateigsskoli: Giving Students Wings, Karla Smart-Morstad & Sara Triggs

Chapter 8. A Manual on How to Make Children Hate School: The Case of Test-Driven Chinese Education, Liang Zhao

Chapter 9. Igniting Passion Among Students (and Teachers) for Civic Engagement: The Role of Communities of Practice, Gary A. Homana

Chapter 10. Connecting Students and Communities: Locally Relevant Texts, Kari Dahle-Huff

Chapter 11. "A Toolbox for Working..." The Disappearance of Developmentally Appropriate Practices, Megan Hallissey

Chapter 12. From the Pick-Up Line to the Picket Line: Opt Out's Love-Hate Relationship with Public Schools, Todd McCardle, Elizabeth Currin & Stephanie Schroeder


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Reviews & Endorsements:
Why Kids Love (and Hate) School: Reflections on Practice is a tonic book for the Age of Inequality. The authors give us a sparkling collection of stories and images, crisp essays, worthy examples and counterexamples of love and learning from across the world. Their moving portraits of loved schools and hated schools got me to question what I thought I knew for sure about kids, to listen more and talk less, and to see schooling once again through the eyes of schoolchildren.”
- Christopher M. Clark, Michigan State University
Why Kids Love (and Hate) School: Reflections on Practice reveals how to make school more engaging, intellectually enriching, uplifting, and fun. For teachers and administrators who want their students to flourish, Why Kids Love (and Hate) School is a must-read.
- Lawrence Baines, University of Oklahoma